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Majestro 1800 EN

Beerepoot Majestro 1800 Slurry Separation

The Beerepoot Majestro 1800 slurry separator splits slurry into a liquid and a dry part. Realising a dry part content of up to 35%, the dry part can be used to create a soft bedding for cattle.
A pump automatically fills the slurry into the separator through a funnel. Inside the separator, a rotating screw pumps the slurry through a sieve into the mouthpiece. The liquid part of the slurry is pressed out of the separator through a fine sieve and runs off via a separate outlet.
Since the slurry separator is an integrated machine with all moving parts being covered and protected, the separator is safe, user-friendly and suited for frequent usage. The Beerepoot Majestro 1800 can recycle the slurry from your farm and turn it into high quality soft bedding for cattle.



Advantages at a glance

  • High efficiency pump realising a dry part content of up to 35%
  • The dry part can be used for creating a comfortable soft bedding for cattle
  • The separator significantly reduces the dry content of the slurry
  • The liquid part of the slurry can easily be spread
  • Pasture land can be cultivated more effectively

Technical specifications*

Type:                           Majestro 1800

Capacity:                     0.8 to 1.2 m³ (176 to 264 gal) of dry part per hour**

Length:                        190 cm (74.8”)

Breadth:                      85 cm (33.5”)

Height:                        125 cm (49.2”)

Weight:                       420 kg (926lb)

Slieve:                         0.5 mm

Connection:               4“ feed and overflow; 2“ outlet

Power Input:             4.0 KW (5.4 hp) geared motor by Lenze, 380 Volt


* All information is based on cattle slurry.

**The maximum capacity of the separator depends on the characteristics of the slurry.


Progressive cavity pump

A progressive cavity pump is used to automatically fill the slurry into the Majestro 1800 slurry separator. The pump is frequency controlled, which allows precise regulation of the inflow into the separator.

Type:                   Kuijpers 650

Capacity:            10 m³ (2200 gal) per hour

Variant:              horizontal or vertical; self-priming

Height:               20 cm (7.9”)

Breadth:             18 cm (7.1”)

Length:               170 cm (66.9”)

Weight:              65 kg (143lb)

Connection:      4“ (V-piece)

Power Input:    3.0 KW (4.0 hp) geared motor by Lenze, 380 Volt

Electronic switchbox

The separator and the progressive cavity pump are controlled by a high-quality electronic switchbox. In order to ensure safety and precise control of all machine parts, the electronic switchbox is equipped with the following components:

– Frequency converter

– Return flow / no load pump

– Operating hours counter

– Dry running safety mechanism

– Manual running time limitation (1 to 12 hours)

– Filling level indicator